About us

Since 1988 The Classical Road Show, a charity, has given many thousands of children in London and beyond exceptional musical experiences through our innovative concerts and workshops. Our keynote is learning through participation

We believe that musical experiences generate self-esteem, teamwork, creativity and intellectual growth. They should be an essential feature of every child's education. This was the founding principle of The Classical Road Show in 1988. Not only have we offered children the opportunities to perform with outstanding professional musicians and orchestras in large concert halls, we also occasionally create exceptional opportunities for children in school workshops, where they work alongside professional conductors and composers.

Our USPs
  • Professional: We work closely alongside professional musicians, conductors and educators to provide the best possible experience for schools.

  • Commission of New Music: We commission new works from composers for our very specialised repertoire - new classical music to be performed by professional orchestras and massed choirs of children. These works are available to other organisations, for similar performances.

  • Teaching materials: We provide accessible teaching resources and teachers’ workshops, to enable preparation of songs by classroom and music staff. We also offer the option of original, ancillary projects which develop the theme of the piece eg. African Art, Victorian England, The Life of Admiral Nelson.

  • Large database: We have a proven administrative force that works efficiently to maintain a good working relationship with schools and music hubs over a wide geographical area, covering London and its surrounding counties.