Widecombe Fair


Richard Brown


Nigel Williams


Nigel Williams

Widecombe Fair is an action-packed musical tale of smugglers and wrecking on the Devon coast in early Victorian times, featuring Dickon, a quick-thinking hero, his wicked Uncle Tom Cobleigh and gang of smugglers. The gang, off-loading their booty at the Fair, are intercepted by the militia: a furious chase ensues with a very satisfactory denouement, when the gang members are lured into the mire by Jenny, Dickon’s mare and meet a grisly end.  

This history lesson was brilliantly re-enacted most recently by young dancers from Central School of Ballet, narrated by Michael Rouse and Annabelle Brown, and sung lustily by the two audiences of some 1,800 children.


A symphony orchestra presents the music for Widecombe fair, with help from a larger than life wind and brass section. Listen out for the elaborate percussion parts too!

© Copyright 2016. 

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