Our concert experience

Entire audiences of school pupils, 7-11yrs perform in concert alongside professional orchestras and musicians in major concert halls such as Cadogan Hall, Fairfield Halls and Barbican's Milton Court, having learned the songs in advance at school. 

The concert falls into three parts - firstly, our conductor works with the children's choir to fine tune the songs and provide tips on voice production and performance. Secondly, the children are introduced to the lesser-known orchestral instruments on stage, demonstrated by the professional players - the introduction to the orchestral instruments always proves to be very popular with teachers and pupils alike! Lastly, with everyone dressed up for the occasion, including the professional musicians, the lights go down, the narrators join us on stage and the performance can begin!


As well as welcoming our enthusiastic young performers, we also open up our concerts to special guests - in March 2015 we were delighted that Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined us in Cadogan Hall for our performance of The Battle of Trafalgar. Other guests have included local and national government representatives, educationalists and corporate friends.