Battle of Britain: Our Finest Hour


Richard Brown


Fern Dickson and Sarah Harding


Fern Dickson and Richard Brown

Newly commissioned for Classical Road Show for first performance in March 2018.

Set against the backdrop of the Battle of Britain it brings together the thrilling stories of aerial combat from a Spitfire pilot and his sister who works as a secret radar operator. The children sing about their everyday life in Britain - digging for victory, tracking down spies, their experience in air raid shelters and meeting refugees.


The climax comes on 15th September when the British few  repulse the might of the Nazi airforce and Hitler decides to abandon 'Operation Sea Lion' to invade England. British children are safe but the battle goes on to  make children safe everywhere.


An imaginative combination of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.  

© Copyright 2016. 

21 Astell St, London, SW3 3RT